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How to Automatically Monitor the Condition of Vessels and Furnaces to Avoid Leaks or Identify Dangerous Outbreaks

Refractory-lined vessels and furnaces are common in industrial applications such as petrochemicals, steel production, processing, and heat treatment. However, over time, refractory deteriorates to a point where it has to be relined.

Traditionally, a reline's timing is ad-hoc and based on guidance from licensors and previous experience of refractory issues. However, this approach is not data-driven and can lead to critical and dangerous leaks of toxic gases or an explosion resulting in plant damage, income loss and, in the worst case, injury to personnel.
Therefore, the continuous maintenance and monitoring of vessels and furnaces are essential to production reliability and any plant's throughput.

Automated monitoring of the shell temperatures of vessels' and furnaces' critical areas enables their condition and safety to be continuously assessed to avoid leaks or identify dangerous outbreaks.

Our thermal imaging cameras and advanced IMAGEPro AM (Asset Monitoring) software enable 24/7 monitoring of critical vessels and furnaces to reliably identify changes and trends and initiate appropriate early warnings and alarms.

Key features include:

24/7 MONITORING OF CRITICAL VESSELS OR FURNACES – Continuous monitoring of critical areas to reliably identify and record changes and trends.

TRENDING AND ALARMING OF TEMPERATURES AND RATES OF CHANGE - All camera temperatures, conditions, alarms and change rates are logged in the integrated database and monitored in the trend view function for early and further analysis.

UP TO 16 CAMERAS CAN BE USED WITH ONE IMAGEPRO AM WORKSTATION - 16 thermal cameras can be connected to one IMAGEPro AM workstation, while additional workstations and cameras can be added on demand.

FULLY CUSTOMISED SYSTEM SETUP - The asset monitoring system is customised to the location and application requirements.

An automatic asset monitoring system for critical vessels, gasifiers and furnaces can deliver a range of benefits, including:

IMPROVEMENT IN SAFETY of the plant by minimising the risk of dangerous plant conditions and potential damage to the plant, and personal injury.

PREVENTION OF CRITICAL LEAKS AND BREAK-OUTS by detecting developing hot-spots before they result in hot gas or material leaks or even devastating explosions.

EXTENDED LIFE OF VESSEL AND FURNACES by locating critical temperatures and undertaking preventative maintenance.

IMPLEMENTATION OF EARLY REPAIRS by identifying problematic areas before a more expensive, total repair or shutdown is required.

IDENTIFICATION OF FUTURE ISSUES by measuring and comparing the surface temperatures of vessels or furnace shells to allow the early detection of possible refractory damages or process deviations.

AMETEK Land's thermal imaging cameras and advanced IMAGEPro AM software enable 24/7 monitoring of critical vessels and furnaces to reliably identify changes and trends and initiate appropriate early warnings and alarms.

To learn more about the IMAGEPro AM (Asset Monitoring), click here


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