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Complete Open Gateways with the NIR-B-2K-Glass Thermal Imager to Have Digital 4.0 Data Exchange and SCADA

For batch monitoring and furnace control of a glass furnace to be most effective, the NIR-B-2K-Glass camera should be integrated into the DCS control of the furnace and be connected to the existing PLC.

The IMAGEPro Version 2 is a PC based software with the ability to communicate natively with modbus, TCP and OPC UA, this is already covering a large part of the industrial protocols in the glass industry.

Operators can also check the visual information coming from the NIR-B-2K-Glass interface but can also use different information and connect the thermal imager to any PLC using a data acquisition and protocol conversion platform for DCS or SCADA control.

AMETEK Land’s NIR-Borescope-2K-Glass infrared thermal imaging camera delivers high-definition images, with accurate temperature measurements at any of the three million temperature points in the thermal image.

The native OPC UA server of IMAGEPro V2 can be connected to any container glass plant PLC, providing accurate temperature profiling and continuous furnace monitoring for any set-up based on data exchange for SCADA.

The optional gateway Red Lion Gateway DA30D data station is opening communication protocols to Rockwell ( ethernet-IP) , and Siemens ( Profibus and Profinet) .

Working in partnership with your engineering and IT teams, we can ensure that the benefits of our NIR-B-2K-Glass thermal imaging camera can be applied to your container glass plant.

Key Benefits:

A native OPC UA (or an optional single gateway device) connects your NIR-B-2K-Glass camera to any PLC set-up including Profinet and profibus protocol

Seamless communication between the thermal imager and PLC is delivered by using our IMAGEPro Version 2 software, which has up to three built-in serial ports and a 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet port with the additional gateway DA30. Up to 10 different Ethernet-based protocols are supported, for ease of communication, and additional options such as CAN, DeviceNet, Profinet, Ethernet/IP and Profibus are included.

Streamlined data transfer to management and enterprise systems

An embedded OPC UA server and client eliminates the need to connect the NIR-B-2K-Glass to additional intermediate server hardware. Users can enable the OPC UA server feature with a simple Yes/No selection and select any data tag to make it available to OPC UA clients. Dead bands can also be added to any tag to reduce communications overhead.

Easy integration into your IIoT strategy

The intuitive point-and-click user interface simplifies communication between the thermal imager and otherwise incompatible communications standards, easily converting between serial, Ethernet, and Fieldbus devices. Using the DA30D and easy-to-follow cloud connector services editor, on-site or cloud-based connectivity can be added directly into our equipment.

Automation and management of remote assets

The data station excels at keeping personnel informed of machine and process performance. With its built-in web server, remote personnel can monitor as well as control the NIR-B-2K-Glass and other equipment from most networked devices. This web server supports HTTPS operation with the provision of certificates, responsive design with a full-screen option ideal for tablet or mobile display, and HTTP redirect, CSS and JavaScript support. The data station can also alert personnel about existing or potential issues detected by the thermal imager, so problems can be addressed quickly, and downtime minimized.

Harness the value of thermal image data

With its built-in data, event and security logger, IMAGEPro V2 offers a powerful means for recording continuous data from the thermal imager. Data can be acquired from the thermal imager, and compiled into a single CSV-formatted file, where it can be stored, displayed, emailed, or automatically synchronized with an FTP or Microsoft SQL server thanks to the optional gateway.

How It Works:

Generic Network architecture using optional gateway DA 30

After defining the regions of interest (ROIs) with the AMETEK Land IMAGEPro software and setting up communication between the NIR-B-2K-Glass camera and the IMAGEPro server PC that will receive this data, the native OPC UA server (or Red Lion DA30D Gateway for profibus , profinet and Ethernet IP) will be responsible for sending the data from the IMAGEPro PC server to any PLCs for data exchange on the IP network.

The typical network would therefore be as follows:

Philippe Blog - July 2022

Following configuration of the import file for generating scripts with the DA30D’s Crimson 3.1 software, the communication between the IMAGEPro PC server on the plant network could be addressed to any PLC standards on the automation market, including commonly used brands such as Schneider, Rockwell, Eurotherm, and Siemens.

Importation of data tags with optional DA30

The application creates scripts to exchange data tags. Data received from the PC server is stored in data labels in the DA30D Gateway. Each change of a data tag, and the value of this tag, is sent to the PLC corresponding to data from the thermal imaging camera.

It is initially necessary to define these data tags in IMAGEPro V2 (and through the DA30D Gateway with all the Excel scripts provided when the gateway is used and connected to the IMAGEPro server).

The general data tags script configuration schematic:

Philippe Blog - July 2022


AMETEK Land provides a full user guide for connecting your NIR-B-2K-Glass to a PLC via the existing native OPC server or the Red Lion Gateway DA30D data station.

This includes connections, software configurations, and defining the regions of interest. It also covers importing the data exchange table for the camera, and PLC communications for a range of protocols.

Our team of experts aim to work with your operators to develop the best route to implement the installation of the thermal imager into your PLC. Full collaboration with your engineers and IT staff allows a seamless configuration that ensures your glass plant achieves all the benefits of a connected NIR-B-2K-Glass thermal imager, whatever your PLC configuration may be.

Get connected: Contact AMETEK Land today


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