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Forging involves applying pressure to a metal to provide a denser grain structure and increased strength. The temperature of the metal must be accurately measured to ensure product quality.

Contact measurement devices cannot be used in forging as they would be damaged by the press or hammer. A non-contact solution is required to provide the essential thermal data required.

The innovative, industry-leading temperature measurement instruments developed by AMETEK Land provide key temperature information to forge operators around the world. Our portable infrared SPOT range of thermometers is ideally suited to making non-contact readings of metals in the forge.
  • Applications +

    • Forging - Drop

      Drop forging requires the temperature of metal to be monitored as pressure is applied by hammering (drop-pressing). AMETEK Land recommends the SPOT R100 thermometer or Cyclops 100L for this non-contact measurement.

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    • Forging - Rotary

      In rotary forging, the metal is turned between hammering operations, and requires temperature monitoring. The SPOT R100 thermometer or Cyclops 100L is our recommended solution for measurements in this application.

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