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Aluminium Other Applications

Aluminium Other Applications
Aluminium is a versatile metal with a wide range of uses. It can be shaped and treated in many different ways during manufacturing, depending on its ultimate purpose. These methods require accurate temperature measurements to ensure the final product is of the desired quality.

Aluminium needs to be heated for a variety of reasons during manufacturing processes. This includes preparation for forging, bending, or coating, as well as applying heat treatment to ensure the metal has the correct properties. 

AMETEK Land has decades of experience within the aluminium industry, resulting in extensive knowledge of the applications involved. The SPOT AL pyrometer is a dedicated solution for highly accurate temperature measurements throughout the sector, with a range of algorithms to suit many processes.

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    • Aluminium Other - Preheating for Bending
      Preheating for Bending

      To make aluminium easier to bend and shape without breaking, it is often heated first. Temperature measurement ensures that the metal is adequately heated to bend easily, while also safeguarding against heat damage to the aluminium or unexpected material thickness.

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    • Aluminium Other - Preheating for Coating
      Preheating for Coating

      Heat is often used to apply a surface coating to an aluminium part. If the metal is insufficiently heated, the coating may not correctly adhere to the component, or may not bond in a uniform way. However, if it is too hot, the coating may be damaged. So, accurate temperature monitoring is needed to ensure the heating process is controlled.

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    • Aluminium Mounting
      Mounting / Shrinking

      Mounting/shrinking is commonly used in metals applications to fit a component in or around another. It involves heating a part to expand it, then cooling – this requires a fast, accurate temperature measurement to closely control the heating process and prevent overheating that could damage the part.

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    • Induction Heating
      Induction Heating

      This is a fast, reliable and efficient heating application which can be used for many purposes, including forging, mounting, coating, or heat treating. It is important to ensure the metal is heated to a certain temperature window, to ensure the desired properties.

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