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Fixed Thermal Imagers

Our enhanced, non-contact thermal imagers provide high-resolution temperature information for a wide range of industrial processes, with an extensive number of spectral bands and broad temperature range. Backed by our decades of experience and advanced software support, they deliver the data required to keep industrial processes running safely and efficiently.
  • LWIR-640
    Fixed Stationary Thermal Imagers

    Our stationary imagers provide solutions for multiple markets, ranging from heavy industry to R&D. Long-wavelength (LWIR), mid-wavelength (MWIR) and short-wavelength (NIR) standard models are available.

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  • Fixed Furnace Thermal Imagers
    Fixed Furnace Thermal Imagers

    Our high-quality furnace borescope cameras and systems enable continuous, around-the-clock temperature measurement monitoring and process control in furnace applications.

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  • SDS 640 3-4 View 215x180 Worldwide
    Application-Specific Thermal Imaging Systems

    Specifically designed to meet the needs of individual process applications, these imaging systems deliver reliably accurate temperature measurements supported by advanced processing software.

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