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AMETEK Land Fixed Spot Non-contact Thermometers / Pyrometers - SOLOnet
Flexible digital infrared thermometers customisable to a wide range of process control applications in manufacturing and industry.
  • Overview +

    A compact digital infrared thermometer, the cutting-edge SOLOnet series offer users versatility and value in a wide range of temperature monitoring applications.

    Suitable for stand-alone, single-point or multi-point installations, SOLOnet is easily customised to meet precise measurement and control requirements that help improve product quality, maximise process efficiency and reduce operational costs. SOLOnet’s compact design and assortment of protective mountings make it ideal for many tight space requirement applications.

    SOLOnet thermometers display live temperature data on a PC, or with direct messaging via Ethernet or RS485, for easy configuration and responsive control. SOLOnet also features industry standard 0-20 or 4-20mA outputs that can be scaled to any span within the overall temperature range of the thermometer.

    Easy to install, easy to monitor, SOLOnet infrared thermometers are suitable for a wide range of manufacturing and processing industries, including Aluminium, Glass, Industrial Processing, Minerals and Steel.

    Available in four models, SOLOnet digital thermometers can be used in standalone, single-point and multi-point installations with individually adjustable temperature ranges, current outputs, emissivity or non-greyness compensation and alarms settings. 

    An optional DIN-rail mounted SOLOnet Ethernet Interface Unit provides the user with a wide choice of configuration, interconnection, system monitoring and maintenance options.

    With cost-effective, reliable measurements, SOLOnet offers the choice of built-in peak picker, track and hold, or average signal processing functions for the accurate monitoring of difficult or complex processes. 

    SOLOnet is AMETEK Land’s flexible, compact infrared thermometer system.
  • Specifications +

    Model SN11 SN21 SN51 SNR1
       Operating Range 550 to 1750 °C / 1022 to 3182 °F  250 to 1300 °C / 482 to 2372 °F  200 to 1100 °C /  392 to 2012 °F  700 to 1750 °C / 1292 to 3182 °F 
       Specified Range 600 to 1750 °C / 1112 to 3182 °F  300 to 1300 °C / 572 to 2372 °F  250 to 1100 °C / 482 to 2012 °F  750 to 1750 °C / 1382 to 3182 °F 
       Spectral Range 1µm  1.6µm  5µm  1µm ratio 
       Field of View (95% energy) 100:1   100:1   50:1  100:1 
       Focusing Fixed, user configurable focus: 250mm/9.8in, 500mm/19.7in, 1000mm/39.4in and infinity 
       Output 0 or 4 to 20mA user selectable (isolated 50V) 
       Response Time (0 to 90%) 10ms  10ms  50ms  10ms 
       Emissivity 0.10 to 1.00 
       Non Greyness 0.80 to 1.25 
       Resolution (Mid Range) <1K 
       Stability 0.2°/°  0.2°/°  0.02%K/K  0.05K/K 
       Accuracy (Absolute) 0.3%K  2K  0.35%K  0.6%K 
       Time Functions Peak picker, track and hold, and averager 
       Alarm Outputs Process high, process low, internal temperature, emissivity/NG signal lost, insufficient signal 
       (SNR1 Only) rated to 50V d.c., 0.1A non-inductive, NO or NC – software selectable 
       Optional Sighting Laser defining optical axis; class 2, 1mW, 650nm, 120s ON duration, automatic switch-off 
       Ambient Limits 5 to 60°C/41 to 140°F specified; 0 to 70°C/32 to 158°F operating 
       EMC EN 61326:1999 (immunity and emission) 
       Sealing IP65/NEMA 4X 
       Vibration 3g (10 to 300Hz) 
       Power Supply 18 to 30V d.c. (24V d.c. nominal) 
       Optional Accessories Air cooled/purged jacket, water cooled/air purged jacket, air purge and mounting bracket,
    1-axis and 2-axis adjustable mounting brackets, 3m, 15m, 25m prewired cable assemblies,
    Ethernet Interface Unit SN-W/E, d.c. power supply unit, temperature indicator unit LMi 

  • Software +

    • AMETEK Land Software - SOLOnet & IQ Configurator
      SOLOnet & IQ Configurator

      A free Windows PC software utility providing configuration and data visualisation for the SOLONet and IQ ranges of digital infrared thermometers.

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  • Documentation +

  • Related Applications +

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      Bushing Outlet

      Measurement at the bushing outlet monitors fibre quality and helps protect the bushing from damage. We recommend the Cyclops 100L, SPOT M160, SOLOnet and IQ series for this application.

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    • Oven Heating & Soak Zones
      Oven Heating & Soak Zones

      Temperature measurements ensure heating to the correct level for toughening or bending processes. Our recommended solutions are the LSP-HD 50FL linescanner, FLT5 thermometer, SOLOnet SN51, and IQ thermometer.

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    • Oven Outlet
      Oven Outlet

      To ensure the glass is sufficiently heated as it leaves the oven, temperature measurements are essential. We recommend the LSP-HD 50FL linescanner, FLT5 thermometer, SOLOnet SN51, and IQ thermometer for this application.

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