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Ethylene Cracker

Ethylene Cracker
The most heavily produced organic compound worldwide, ethylene is obtained industrially by steam cracking, which involves heating gaseous or light liquid hydrocarbons to temperatures ranging from 750-950oC (1382-1742oF).

Real-time thermal analysis is required for process control and to monitor the condition of the cracker furnace. This requires accurate, non-contact solutions that are capable of tolerating high temperatures.

Using our extensive industry experience and knowledge, AMETEK Land has developed dedicated solutions for furnace measurements in hydrocarbon processing. We provide proven measurement solutions for both periodic and continuous temperature monitoring. 

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    • Ethylene Cracker - Steam Cracking Furnace
      Steam Cracking Furnace

      With accurate temperature measurements, this process can be optimised to its most efficient level, saving fuel costs and extending equipment lifetime.

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