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Bricks are primarily manufactured from clay which is fired in a kiln. Temperature monitoring is vital to the firing process, where reactions occur affecting strength, weight, colour and other qualities.

Brick manufacturing involves firing in a tunnel kiln to convert dried clay into strong, durable bricks. Spot temperature measurements at this stage are key to quality and potential fuel savings.

AMETEK Land has supplied the mineral processing industry with temperature monitoring equipment for more than 60 years. Our accurate, non-contact thermometers provide reliable measurement in the high-temperature conditions of the kiln, using our flexible fibre-optic technology to keep sensitive electronics in a less hostile environment. 
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    • Brick - Tunnel Kiln
      Tunnel Kiln

      Heating and cooling in the kiln can be monitored by taking spot measurements of the brick at key points in the process. Our solution is the SPOT M100 FO fibre-optic thermometer.

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