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Hydrocarbon Processing (HPI)

Many hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) applications require accurate, reliable temperature measurements without interference with the process. We provide high quality instruments to meet the needs of the HPI sector.

Our dedicated solutions produce critical measurements in reformer and furnace applications, along with flexible thermal imaging systems to cover a range of HPI applications in plants and refineries.

Building on our experience across more than 70 years, AMETEK Land produces an extensive range of measurement solutions specifically designed for the HPI. Offering radiometric infrared technology that doesn’t contaminate the process, our instruments provide essential temperature measurements at critical locations.
  • Ammonia

    Accurate temperature measurements are key to the reformer stage of ammonia production. We provide specific solutions to help ensure process efficiency and a longer equipment lifetime.

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  • Biomass To Syngas
    Biomass to Syngas

    Our flexible and rugged thermal imaging solution provides the data you need for efficient biomass gasification, and helps you optimise your energy expenditure for this process.

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  • Ethylene Cracker
    Ethylene Cracker

    Live temperature monitoring supports process control and monitors the condition of the cracker furnace to prevent more serious damage. AMETEK Land provides portable and fixed measurement solutions.

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  • Hydrogen

    The efficient production of hydrogen from steam reforming depends upon accurate temperature monitoring. We provide two dedicated solutions for this process.

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  • Methanol

    Steam reforming is an essential stage in the production of methanol from syngas. Our dedicated non-contact instruments for the reformer process provide the solution.

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  • Nitric Acid
    Nitric Acid

    The ammonia burner is key to the industrial production of nitric acid. AMETEK Land has a reliable fixed thermal imaging solution for monitoring this stage of the process.

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  • Pet Coke To Syngas
    Pet Coke to Syngas

    Controlling the gasification process ensures efficiency and fuel economy. Our thermal imager products deliver the accurate data required to support this application.

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  • Refining / Petrochemical
    Refining / Petrochemical

    Thermal monitoring at key points in refineries and petrochemical plants is vital for process control and safety. Our versatile imaging products provide the solutions.

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  • Reformer Surveying
    Reformer Surveying

    Precision monitoring provides early detection of any damage to the reformer tubes. AMETEK Land has a range of products, including the industry-standard Gold Cup, for this application.

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  • Slurry to Syngas
    Slurry to Syngas

    We provide a high-precision thermal imaging solution for gasifier temperature monitoring, helping to optimise the process and increase energy efficiency.

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  • Storage

    Thermal imaging provides reliable monitoring for storage sites. Our flexible range provides high-resolution solutions for a wide variety of storage applications.

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  • Storage and Transportation
    Storage and Transportation

    AMETEK Land offers accurate thermal imaging solutions for materials in storage and transport, providing temperature monitoring to detect unsafe hotspots.

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