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Capturing Carbon Dioxide

Capturing Carbon Dioxide
Capture Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be captured either as emissions resulting from the combustion of hydrocarbons, or from the process itself where CO2 is produced, such as cement manufacture. In many cases, this can be carried out by adapting existing technology, for example amine sequestration, while a range of new processes and technologies are also under development. 

Regardless of the method used, success will depend on minimising the additional energy and cost required for carbon capture, and on the sustainability of the material used in the capture process.

Capturing carbon dioxide is a common process in oil and gas applications, with well-proven technology. However, it relies on an energy-intensive amine sequestration process, with a feed of high-purity CO2. Other heavy industrial processes are challenged by the economics of this requirement, or technically due to contamination of CO2 streams and lower concentrations.

As the CO2 economy develops and matures, new measurement points will emerge, and AMETEK Land will be on hand to provide the expertise required to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Thermal imaging can monitor the outer skin of absorber towers and vessels to provide early warning of hotspots that may indicate incorrect process operation. This helps maintain asset integrity and up-time. 



Amine Sequestration Tower/Vessel monitoring

Whether you want to improve existing processes or explore the potential for change, please speak to our experts to benefit from best practice and knowledge sharing between energy-intensive industries to meet decarbonisation challenges. 

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