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Supporting Virus Detection with Non-contact Temperature Measurement

As Coronavirus spreads in China we see in the news daily the attempts being made to contain the virus by monitoring the population crossing borders with a view to containment. 

HBTMS Thermal ImageThermal imaging at border crossing and skin temperature measurement using handheld non-contact thermometers/pyrometers are non-invasive techniques currently being employed. 

Ideally, the best use of a thermal imager is in conjunction with a certified reference blackbody source positioned within the field of view. Handheld non-contact thermometers/pyrometers are also being employed to help detect fever in individuals.


• Our worldwide certification laboratories calibrate infrared thermometers, thermal imagers, scanners and blackbody sources (AMETEK Land and other manufacturer’s instrumentation) in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 standards to ensure optimal operating performance from temperature measurement systems.

• Our comprehensive range of blackbody calibration sources enables high-precision calibration of infrared thermometers/pyrometers and thermal imagers under on-site and laboratory conditions. Our Human Body Temperature Measurement System (HBTMS) Calibration Source is supplied with UKAS certified (ISO17025) for an effective wavelength of 8 to 14um over temperature 36°C to 40°C and is designed to provide accurate, traceable and portable calibration on-site.

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