AMETEK Land Software - SPOTPro
A Windows-based PC software package, SPOTPro provides a single control point to configure, store and view data for up to 40 SPOT infrared pyrometers.
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    Giving a complete overview of all the SPOT thermometers connected to your network, SPOTPro allows you to independently configure data logging for each thermometer, by setting automatic triggers for data storage.

    SPOTPro allows users to compare live and historical data to trend and diagnose process issues. Data can be logged to an SQLite database for easy configuration or an MS SQL Server database for enterprise-level data requirements. All data can be exported to CSV or XML for integration into other processes or further processing in applications such as MS Excel.

    SPOTPro supports a flexible window layout with multiple monitor support – see all the data that is most important to you prominently on screen at once.

    Suitable for plants using two or more SPOT products, SPOTPro software is used to manage multiple thermometers in industries including Power GenerationAluminiumSteel and Industrial Processing. A free 30-day trial is available for download now.


    Each thermometer can be individually configured for a defined storage interval for target temperature, two detector temperatures, ambient temperature, and emissivity. This allows customised criteria to be set for data measurements during important events.

    With the facility to view up to 40 thermometers, users can compare and contrast data from multiple devices on a single or multiple screens. Switching between live and historical data enables a comprehensive review and analysis of your measurements.

    Installation requires a single PC (exact requirements are dependent on the number of thermometers) running Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

    SPOTPro is AMETEK Land’s dedicated software package for the control and configuration of multiple SPOT thermometers.
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