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INDUSTRY 4.0 & 5.0 in Non-contact Temperature Measurement Applications and Devices

Digital transformation is a frequently used term, and it describes the digital and intelligent networking and monitoring of industrial machines and process flows with the use of modern interface and communication technologies.

Artificial intelligence is already used in many processes, as well as intelligent data merging in higher-level databases and cloud storage, providing extensive data analysis for process optimisation and development.

INDUSTRY 4.0 has now been supplemented with INDUSTRY 5.0, and thus human components such as human intelligence and the people working in the processes and their talents are included.
Digital Transformation

AMETEK Land provides high-quality Industrial Pyrometers for spot, non-contact temperature measurements, Linescanners for temperature profile measurements and Thermal Imagers for image-based temperature measurements, with more detailed data.

The merging and further analysis together with other available process data enables a very detailed monitoring of the processes, constant control and optimisation of processes and their product quality, efficiency, and the ability to use predictive maintenance, e.g., to identify and prevent any costly repair work that may interrupt manufacturing or machining processes as early as possible. 

Sensors, systems and intelligent software such as AMETEK Land’s IMAGEPro software - an innovative process and control software for industrial thermal imaging systems – alongside autonomous working sensors such as pyrometers and thermal imagers with integrated web servers and control inputs and outputs already provided with a wide range of digital interfaces and communication options, such as industrial ethernet and many kinds of protocols, like Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, OPC/UA and others, to continuously monitor and control processes based on non-contact temperature measurement and to control and optimise them in a predictive manner.

Using either the instruments web server or the software, the user interfaces are designed to easily access all data and configure the system for the desired application, providing the “human interface” to the operators and engineers implementing and working with AMETEK Land’s non-contact temperature measurement devices and systems.

AMETEK Land’s pyrometers can be easily and quickly set up by choosing one of the pre-defined working modes. This is smart integrated engineering on a very high level, taking the operator and companies into account, making work easier and the processes safer and more efficient.

With these smart and intuitive user interfaces across all AMETEK Land pyrometers, scanners, thermal imagers, and software, our technology meets INDUSTRY 4.0 and INDUSTRY 5.0 standards.


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