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Paper quality varies widely according to the rolling and drying processes used in production. These require temperature monitoring to protect equipment from damage and ensure the desired paper quality.

Detecting small temperature variations is extremely important, but can be difficult to achieve with fast-moving paper webs. A non-contact, fast-response solution is essential for measurements in this industry.

Leaders in the field of temperature measurement, AMETEK Land has supplied high-performance process sensors to the paper manufacturing industry for more than 60 years. Our expertise in non-contact infrared measurement solutions, combustion analysis and process thermal imaging help improve process control and the detection of product quality problems.

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    • Paper - Stack Emissions
      Stack Emissions

      The recovery boiler produces emissions which must be monitored to optimize efficiency and demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations. We offer the Model 4500 MkIII and Model 4650, depending on process needs.

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    • Paper - Super Calendering
      Super Calendering

      Early detection of hot spots on the super calender rolls helps prevent damage to the roll covers, saving tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Our HotSpotIR scanning system is recommended.

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    • Paper - Yankee Dryer
      Yankee Dryer

      Drying and creping at the Yankee cylinder is essential for high quality tissue paper production. AMETEK Land recommends the LSP-HD 7 linescanner for temperature monitoring in this application.

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