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Hot Rolling Mill

Hot Rolling Mill
Temperature measurements are vital throughout the process to ensure product quality, uniformity, and increase production yields.

Accurate non-contact temperature measurements are made after the descaler, at the roughing and finishing stands and after the laminar cooling section before the coiler.

The use of Landscan process thermal imagers enables the customer to verify and control the overall edge to edge temperature uniformity.

By ensuring an even temperature balance across the strip you ensure uniform grain size and prevent camber issues.

The use of Landscan after the laminar cooling section allows for advanced cooling control methods like edge masking to be implemented.

Sophisticated and rugged Understrip pyrometers provide high quality temperature measurements when the top side of the strip may be obscured by black water.

AMETEK Land manufactures and supplies a complete range of non-contact temperature measuring systems designed specifically for hot metal rolling applications all over the world. All are designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability, to ensure accurate results in the harsh operating conditions of the hot mill.


Accurate temperature measurement is critical for the production of high quality steels. AMETEK Land’s non-contact infrared thermometers provide
these accurate, non-invasive measurements at all critical positions through the hot rolling mill process. Many of our sensors are unique developments as requested by our customers.
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Combustion Solutions for Steel Production BrochureCOMBUSTION SOLUTIONS FOR STEEL
Combustion operations during steel production processes produce emissions which are subject to strict environmental regulations. Monitoring and controlling these emissions is a regulatory requirement, and also provides process efficiency benefits.
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Application Note - Temperature Measurement in Metal Reheat Furnaces TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT IN METAL REHEAT FURNACES
Reheat furnaces bring cold metal to the correct temperature for rolling, extruding or forging. For optimum quality, and to reduce wastage, the temperature should be uniform throughout the product, which requires accurate temperature monitoring. Read More > Watch the Video >

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    • Hot Rolling - Continuous Caster Spray Chamber
      Continuous Caster Spray Chamber

      The spray chamber cools the steel as it is cast. The environment here is extremely hostile, with high temperatures, high-pressure water sprays and steam. Solution: the dedicated Spray Chamber Probe.

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    • Hot Rolling - Caster Straightener Exit
      Caster Straightener Exit

      The cast strand is straightened before being cut. Measurements of the steel temperature at this point prevent loss of containment and ensure thermal uniformity from edge- to -edge. Solutions: SPOT R100 and LSP-HD 11.

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    • Hot Rolling - Reheat Furnace
      Reheat Furnace

      The reheat furnace heats cold billets, blooms or slabs of steel to the correct temperature for rolling, which requires careful thermal control. Solutions: FTS, MWIR-B-640 or NIR-B.

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    • Hot Rolling - Coil Box
      Coil Box

      The steel enters the coil box, resides to thermally equalize before being uncoiled to transfer to the finishing mill. Solution: SPOT M100.

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    • Hot Rolling - Equalising Furnace
      Equalising Furnace

      The equalising furnace receives a newly cut slab and maintains the temperature until ready for hot rolling accurate temperature monitoring. Ensures temperature compliance and uniformity for the following rolling process. Solution: SPOT M100 or SPOT M160.

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    • Hot Rolling - Scalebreaker

      The steel thickness is reduced to break up remaining scale, allowing the first opportunity of monitoring the temperature of the scale-free metal surface. Solutions: SPOT R100, LSP-HD 10.

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    • Hot Rolling - Roughing Mill
      Roughing Mill

      The mill rolls take an initial thickness reduction in preparation for the finishing stands, Steel temperature must be monitored to meet parameters and prevent roll damage. Solutions: SPOT R100 or LSP-HD 10.

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    • Hot Rolling - Combination Mill
      Combination Mill

      Used for producing a variety of strips and lighter steel plates, combination mills require accurate temperature monitoring to enable quality and process control. Solutions: SPOT R100 and LSP-HD 10.

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    • Hot Rolling - Blooming / Beam Mill
      Blooming / Beam Mill

      This stage sees the steel slab rolled to form an intermediate product. Accurate temperature monitoring is essential for product quality and to protect the process. Solutions: SPOT R100 and LSP-HD 10.

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    • Hot Rolling - Plate Mill / Reversing Mill
      Plate Mill / Reversing Mill

      Accurate temperature measurements are essential to ensure the steel maintains its uniform temperature and associated metallurgical properties.

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    • Hot Rolling - Steel Foundry
      Steel Foundry

      Molten steel is poured into moulds for casting at the foundry stage. The quality of the cast steel depends on the temperature, so precise measurements are needed. Solution: Auto Pour or Cyclops 055L

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