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Did you know? Special Applications

Product Special Application
We work with many industries and pride ourselves in being able to offer solutions for more unique project requirements. Read about some of our Did You Know? special applications below.

Pickling Tanks For Stainless Steel - Application Note EN

Industrial Processing - Pickling Tanks For Stainless Steel
Nitric acid is used to pickle stainless steel products to remove impurities and form a new surface layer on the material. To demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations, emissions of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (collectively referred to as NOx) may be required to be monitored and controlled. 

Product(s): FGA942

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Natural Gas Compressor Stations - Application NoteIndustrial Processing - Natural Gas Compressor Stations
As natural gas moves along a pipeline, friction and other effects cause its pressure to drop. Compressor stations are placed at intervals along the pipeline to maintain pressure.The compressors are driven by stationary internal combustion engines which burn some of the natural gas as fuel. Emissions of CO and NOx from the engines are regulated to protect the environment, and so operators must make periodic measurements of the flue gases.
Product(s): Lancom 4

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Application Note - Thermal OxidizerIndustrial Processing - Thermal Oxidizer
A thermal oxidizer is a type of air pollution control equipment used to reduce emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in several industrial processes by oxidizing the chemicals to carbon dioxide and water vapor. Natural gas is usually the fuel source. A direct-fired oxidizer is simple and has low capital cost, but a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is more efficient because it uses the heat from a previous oxidization cycle to preheat the next batch of waste gases. 
Product(s): 4500 MKIII, 4650-PMFGA950
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