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What is AMETEK Land’s Industry 4.0 Outlook?

INDUSTRY 4.0 describes the digitization of industrial processes and the associated bidirectional data exchange via digital interfaces, enabling comprehensive and automated communication between machines, sensors and operators. This optimizes processes, reduces cycle times, and increases productivity, quality and safety.

Pyrometer & Thermal Imaging - Interface Communication
The AMETEK Land product range provides innovative products with industry-standard interfaces such as Modbus/TCP and PoE (Power over Ethernet), which can be quickly and easily integrated into new or existing networks. Thus, much more data can be exchanged continuously between the measuring system and the process than just the pure measuring signal.

Many of the devices and systems already provide an integrated web server, via which all device parameters can be viewed, configured and visualized via a standard web browser. It also enables networking and control of multiple sensors or complex measurement systems based on industry-standard digital interfaces. Remote access to control, visualization and service rounds off the many possibilities.

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