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SD - Blast Furnace Stove Dome

AMETEK Land Industry Application Specific - SD - Blast Furnace Stove Dome Thermometer
A short wavelength infrared thermometer system specifically designed for high-precision, and rapid non-contact temperature measurements of the refractories inside blast furnace stoves.
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    The application-specific Stove Dome (SD) system uses AMETEK Land’s advanced infrared radiation thermometer technology to monitor refractory temperatures around the stove dome or hot blast main.

    Using a highly accurate, and high pressure rated sighting assembly, the innovative non-contact measurement means the SD system avoids maintenance problems and slow response speeds associated with using traditional thermocouples - so there’s no need for regular, expensive equipment replacement, or for multiple thermocouples to counter the high loss rate.

    Installed on top or on the side of the stove, the thermometer sights onto the internal refractory checker or bridge brick-work, using a selected wavelength to ignore combustion products and ensure process efficiency.

    The efficiency of the recuperators is dependent on the "health" of the refractory checker work. Accurate and rapid response temperature measurement prevents possible glazing of the refractories. Sudden pressure relief in the stove can chill thermocouples by 20 to 30 degrees Celsius making their readings unreliable for approximately 30 seconds. The Land non-contact stove dome system avoids these problems by measuring the refractory surface temperature, not the gases. As a result, the Land stove dome system is much better suited for automatic changeover control, SD system provides this vital measurement for stove dome operators in Iron production.

    SD system has a specialised mounting arrangement designed specifically for temperature measurements in the stove dome and hot blast main. The system features alignment adjustment, pressure isolation and protection from the high pressures within the blast furnace stove.

    SD system provides accurate measurements, maintenance-free, for many years of operation. The shut-off valve allows easy removal for checking or cleaning if required, without any loss of stove pressure.

    AMETEK Land offers a range of thermometer types and mountings to suit the particular application and conditions, and can advise on the best fit for your process. Specialised systems with automatic shut-off valves are also available.

    The Stove Dome (SD) thermometer system is AMETEK Land’s dedicated solution for stove dome and hot blast main temperature measurements.