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Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid
The start-up stage of nitric acid production requires careful temperature monitoring for safety and process control. This involves measurements within the ammonia burner to detect overheating.

The catalytic gauze can be damaged by overheating at start-up. Continuous monitoring is needed during start-up, operation and shutdown to identify any dangerous hotspots in the gauze.

AMETEK Land offers a versatile, high-precision thermal imaging solution for this application, with easy installation, powerful software support, and customisable options. Our thermal imagers cover a wide viewing area, delivering a much greater chance of detecting hotspots within the process.
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    • Nitric Acid - Ammonia Burner
      Ammonia Burner

      Traditional spot measurements don’t provide enough information when detecting hotspots. AMETEK Land recommends the high-precision, focusable NIR thermal imager for this application.

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