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Why Service, Calibrate or Certify an Infrared Thermometer/Pyrometer?

  • Service - To maintain peak operating performance over time.
  • Calibration - To maintain the accuracy of temperature measurement being made.
  • Certification - To increase or endorse the accuracy of temperature measurement being made.

Thermometers by all manufacturers can be subject to damage and deterioration over time. AMETEK Land thermometers/pyrometers are designed to be inherently stable while working in industrial environments, however many are operated continually with little or no maintenance after installation. 

Performance is reliant on optical sight-paths being kept clear, and continued protective services being maintained (Air and Water). Damage and contamination can build up slowly over time leading to drift and failure. To maintain high accuracy and confidence in the measurements being made, and to protect the original investment, periodic service and calibration is recommended. 

We provide a range of services through a network of regional accredited services centres including three accredited ISO 17025 laboratories:

  • ISO 17025 certification provides additional confidence through traceable independent testing and allows the thermometer operator to distinguish shifts in calibration, and correct for calibration errors over and above the specification, providing a useful audit trail. Our ISO 17025 certification laboratories will certify non AMETEK Land thermometers/pyrometers within the scope of their approval, subject to provision of necessary power supplies and cables. MORE> 
  • On-site calibration conformance testing confirms your instruments are operating within specification. MORE > 
  • Annual service and calibration adjustment restore instruments to ‘as new’, thus limiting deterioration. To return an instrument for repair, service, calibration or certification complete an RMA form. MORE > 
  • Proactively maintain your instrument(s) with an AMECare site or factory service contract. MORE >
AMETEK Land’s AMECare Performance Services ensure peak performance and maximum return on investment over the life of your equipment. 
AMETEK Land Gary WolstenholmeGary Wolstenholme, After Sales Manager, has worked for AMETEK Land for over 38 years and is a specialist in repair, service, calibration and UKAS/ISO 17025 accredited calibrations of non-contact temperature measurement and emission monitoring instrumentation. Gary has held a number of positions at AMETEK Land, from Head of Calibration to UK Service Centre Manger, and has developed an in-depth and unrivalled knowledge of instrumentation and calibration. He continues to provide maintenance, calibration and technical after sales support to customer and sales partners globally


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