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Our world-leading products are fully supported by the latest software technology. Standard and application-specific packages deliver the highest performance and functionality to supported industries and applications.
  • SPOTViewer Software

    A free PC utility for SPOT infrared pyrometers, allowing configuration, display and logging of data.

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  • SPOTPro Software

    SPOTPro, an advanced software utility, provides a single control point to configure, store and view data for up to 40 SPOT infrared pyrometers.

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  • SPOT Firmware
    SPOT Firmware

    Find the latest firmware updates for your SPOT Pyrometer.

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  • IMAGEViewer

    A free software package enabling the viewing, analysis and storage of thermal data captured by a range of AMETEK Land thermal imaging infrared cameras and systems.

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  • IMAGEPro

    The innovative IMAGEPro software is an advanced image processing software for controlling, monitoring, analysing and capturing imager data.

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  • AMETEK Land Software - SOLOnet & IQ Configurator
    SOLOnet & IQ Configurator

    A free Windows PC software utility providing configuration and data visualisation for the SOLONet and IQ ranges of digital infrared thermometers.

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  • AMETEK Land Software - Landscan Windows Control and Analyse (WCA)
    Landscan Windows Control and Analyse (WCA)

    PC software package providing detailed control and analysis for multiple LSP-HD thermal imaging linescanners. Software can support up to 8 linescanners simultaneously.

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  • AMETEK Land Software - Cyclops Logger (PC & Mobile)
    Cyclops Logger (PC & Mobile)

    Free software utility enabling Cyclops L portable pyrometer users to view, analyse and save measurement data.

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  • AMETEK Land Software - Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis
    Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis

    PC data acquisition software for direct logging of stack emissions measurements from Lancom 4 portable gas analysers.

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