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Refining / Petrochemical

Refining / Petrochemical
Temperature monitoring is essential at several key points in refineries and petrochemical plants, to ensure the safety of personnel and to support efficient process control.

The storage and transport of combustible hydrocarbons requires careful monitoring. In addition, the high temperatures involved in hydrocarbon processing industry applications need accurate, reliable and flexible measurement solutions.

AMETEK Land’s flexible thermal imaging systems are industry-proven, meeting hazardous area requirements and delivering high-performance monitoring solutions for your process.  Our decades of experience and expertise provide the accurate temperature measurements you need for safety, emissions compliance, and process control in your key hydrocarbon processing applications.
Flare stacks are widely used in industries especially chemical, petrochemical and steel to safely dispose of excess gasses through combustion. These may be unwanted waste gases, or flammable gases released to prevent unplanned over-pressurising of  plant equipment. Read More > Watch the Video > 

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    • Refining / Petrochemical - Critical Piping
      Critical Piping

      Piping is used to carry substances around the refinery or plant, and is subject to varying temperature conditions. The LWIR-640 provides a reliable thermal monitoring solution, even in hazardous areas.

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    • Refining / Petrochemical - Critical Piping
      Fired Heaters

      Temperature monitoring of fired heaters keeps fuel costs low and reduces harmful emissions. The Cyclops 390L, MWIR-B-640 and NIR-B 3XR deliver portable and fixed solutions for this application.

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    • Refining / Petrochemical - Flare Stack
      Flare Stack

      Thermal imaging of the flame ensures proper combustion is taking place, even if the flare itself is not visible. We recommend ARC flare stack monitoring as the ideal solution for this application.

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    • Refining / Petrochemical - Refining Pet Coke
      Refining Pet Coke

      Storage of pet coke carries the risk of combustion. Continuous monitoring is required to prevent waste and ensure safety. The LWIR-640 thermal imager is our recommended solution for this process.

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