Aluminium Strip Mill

Aluminium Strip Mill
The strip mill takes aluminium from the smelters or recycled product and converts it into a usable industrial form, reducing thick slabs into thin sheets that are light, durable and strong.

Accurate temperature measurements support process control throughout the strip mill, detecting problems before breakdown occurs. The quality of the finished product can be verified by thermal monitoring at key points.

Based on decades of experience within the industry, AMETEK Land products provide dedicated temperature solutions for the aluminium strip mill. The SPOT AL EQS pyrometer delivers high accuracy with a fast response time, while our ASPS system with coil detection software tracks the coil position throughout the process.
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    • Aluminium Strip Mill - Reheat / Slab Heat
      Reheat / Slab Heat

      Before hot rolling, the aluminium slabs must be heated up in the reheat furnace. The SPOT AL EQS provides the precision measurement at the furnace exit to ensure correct heating.

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    • Aluminium Strip Mill - Rolling Mill
      Rolling Mill

      The SPOT AL EQS provides accurate and reproducible temperature measurement of bright, semi-finished hot alloy strips, enabling reduction in re-annealing/finishing costs, detection of mill problems and improved process control.

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    • Aluminium Strip Mill - Coiler

      The ASPS Aluminium Strip Coiling system uses our advanced fixed thermal imaging system and dedicated coil tracking software which eliminates complex configuration requirements and provides precise, real-time monitoring.

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