Flat Glass

Flat Glass
Flat glass is manufactured by allowing it to solidify on a layer of higher-density liquid, usually molten tin. This process is used to create clear, tinted and coated glass.

Flat glass is used for a variety of applications, including architectural and automotive glass. Precision measurements of temperature and uniformity of cooling are important for a high-quality end product.

AMETEK Land offers an extensive range of highly accurate instruments to provide the thermal measurements and data required for efficiency and product quality. We have supplied the glass industry with flat glass solutions for decades, developing dedicated solutions for specific applications within the process.
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    • Batch Inlet
      Batch Inlet

      Measurement at the batch inlet provides thermal monitoring of the glass raw materials for quality control. We recommend the ARC thermal imager or RT8 thermometer for this application.

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    • Melt Tank – Inside Refractory
      Melt Tank – Inside Refractory

      Optimum process control, energy efficiency and tank condition can be controlled through refractory wall measurements. The NIR-B Glass, Cyclops 100L, Model FG and SPOT M100 are recommended.

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    • Melt Tank - Outside
      Melt Tank - Outside

      An ARC thermal imager is recommended for continuous monitoring of the melt tank exterior. This monitors the tank condition, providing warnings of possible glass break-out or refractory failure.

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    • Regenerators

      Accurate, reliable temperature measurements are essential for this important area of the tank. The solutions recommended by AMETEK Land are the Model FG, SPOT M100 and Lancom 4.

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    • Flue Gas
      Flue Gas

      Glass production produces flue gas emissions which must be monitored. We offer the Lancom 4, Model 4500 MkIII, WDG 1200/1210 and Model 9100, depending on process needs.

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    • Canal

      The canal links the melt tank exit to the tin bath. We recommend the Model FG or SPOT M100 thermometer for bulk temperature measurement of the glass here.

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    • Tin bath
      Tin Bath (Flat)

      To produce glass of consistently high quality, it is vital to understand the temperature profile at this point where the glass solidifies on molten tin. A FLT5A thermometer is recommended.

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    • Tin Bath Exit
      Tin Bath Exit

      Measurements at the exit of the tin bath provide important product quality information ahead of the annealing process. Our recommended solutions are the LSP-HD 50 linescanner and FLT5A thermometer.

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    • Annealing Lehr
      Annealing Lehr

      Accurate measurement of the temperature profile is vital during cooling. The FLT5A thermometer, LSP-HD 5FL linescanner and JRG/A application-specific thermometer are recommended to provide this essential monitoring.

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    • Air Cooling (Flat)
      Air Cooling

      Air nozzles must cool the glass in a uniform way before it is cut to size. Our recommended solutions are the LSP-HD 61 linescanner and RT8 thermometer.

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    • Cutting

      Measurements at this stage ensure safe cutting and provide a quality control check. We supply the LSP-HD 60 linescanner and RT8 thermometer for this application.

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