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Discontinued / Obsolete Products

The list below details all of AMETEK Land’s recent discontinued or obsolete products with supporting user guides, obsolete / discontinuation notices and alternative newer or improved product replacements.

Discontinued – Fully supported by our qualified field and factory service teams and our internal technical support engineers. A full range of spare parts available.

Obsolete – Unsupported. No guaranteed spare parts available. Product certification service available.

Product Model(s) Status From Date Suggested Replacement
Aluminium Extrusion Thermometer AET Discontinued 01/01/2017 SPOT AL EQS
Aluminium Quench Thermometer AQT Discontinued 01/01/2017 SPOT AL EQS
Aluminium Strip Thermometer AST Discontinued 01/01/2017 SPOT AL EQS
4500 MkII+ and 4500 Premier Compliance Opacity and Dust Monitor 4500 MkII+, 4500 Premier Obsolete 31/12/2016 4500 MkIII
Lancom 3 Portable Multi Gas Analyser Lancom 3 Obsolete 31/12/2016 Lancom 4
Glass Mould Thermometer GMT Obsolete 01/05/2016
R4 System 4 Low Temperature Ratio Pyrometer R423, R429 Discontinued 01/05/2016 SPOT
FGAII Flue Gas Analyser FGAII Obsolete 31/12/2018  
Landmark Graphic LMG Discontinued 29/05/2018 Landmark Graphic MkII
GST - Galvanneal Strip
 GST Discontinued 26/11/2018  SPOT GS
SPOTServer -  Discontinued  08/04/2019  SPOTPro
9100 (Carbon Monoxide)
9100  Discontinued  30/09/2019  FGA Series 
SDS-E Slag Detection System SDS-E  Discontinued  09/09/2019  SDS - Slag Detection System 
Land Image Processing System (LIPS) Discontinued 30/09/2019  IMAGEPro 
Camera Viewer/Viewer+
 - Discontinued  30/09/2019  IMAGEViewer
IO Manager Discontinued 30/09/2019  IMAGEPro
Electrical Auto‐Retract System
NIR-B-GLASS-…-AR and NIR-B-AR-…  Discontinued 08/01/2020  NIR-Borescope Glass - Melt Tank Thermal Imaging System
For further information on our discontinued and obsolete products – Contact us now.