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How to Overcome the Temperature Measurement Challenges Posed by Wet-Laid and Lamination Nonwovens Production

Nonwoven materials are in every aspect of our lives, from air filters to hand wipes, hospital gowns to diapers. 

NONWOVENS BLOGTwo methods of nonwoven production pose temperature measurement challenges: 

The wet-laid process involves depositing a layer of fibres in an aqueous solution onto a drying cylinder or mesh. From this point, the wet web is progressively dried and finally rolled.

The lamination process involves using heat bonding or gluing methods. A continuous bead or seal of the bonds is vitally important to maintain the quality of the final product

During the manufacturing process a number of issues may arise that can affect the quality of the end product:

Wet-laid - If the web is insufficiently dried or has random wet spots, this can cause mold growth thereby rendering the material useless. Mites can be attracted to incorrectly dried material. 

Lamination - Glue nozzle clogging leading to gaps in the glue lines resulting in an incorrectly sealed product. It is important to continuously monitor the whole product that is non-invasive and can detect regions on the web which are still wet at the finish of the drying cycle or regions of the laminated product that have been incorrectly glued
Using AMETEK Land LSP-HD linescanners combining high speed infrared temperature measurement with a high resolution optical system to continuously monitor the whole of the productas it passes by its field of view, resulting into a high resolution thermal image that clearly shows hot and cold regions on the product, allowing identification of wet areas or areas with no adhesive.

The LSP-HD linescanners are designed for continuous use in industrial environments ensuring ultimate measurement reliability and availability. The scanner is simple to install via a single cable PoE-connection and quick release mounting plate reducing the costs and complexity of installation. The optical system has a flush mounted, durable sapphire window providing excellent protection and a long service life.

The AMETEK Land solution provides both visual indications of the product temperature distribution as well as multiple control signals and alarms that can be used for process control, based on the advanced WCA (Windows Control & Analysis) software.Nonwovens Web Production Brochure

Read more about the features and benefits of LSP-HD Infrared Linescanners,  typical applications, specification and design and the software which enables viewing and analysing of multiple live and historical temperature data streams in our Non-wovens Web Production industry Guide.



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