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Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing
Chemical processing plants manufacture chemicals on an industrial scale. This requires accurate monitoring to ensure product quality, optimize process yield and control emissions.

Most of the pollutants are released at the stack, so monitoring at this point is key to controlling the emissions level, and optimising the combustion operation for maximum fuel economy.

AMETEK Land has the most advanced range of opacity, dust, smoke and particulates monitors, which use patented measurement technology to give high accuracy. They provide the highest possible reliability with very low maintenance. Additionally, our range of gas analysers is ideal for boiler combustion monitoring and control.

Opacity and Pm Monitoring in Emission Stacks - Application Note (EN)OPACITY AND PM MONITORING IN EMISSION STACKS
Smoke and dust emissions from industrial plants, such as coal-fired power stations and industrial incinerators, damage the environment and pose a health hazard to humans. Subsequently these emissions are regulated by government agencies across the world. These include the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) in the USA and the UK. Globally, government agencies recognise the need for clean air and respond to the demands from the population for a healthier environment. Read More > Watch the Video >

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    • Chemical Processing - Stack Emissions
      Stack Emissions

      Combustion processes in many chemical processes produce emissions which must be monitored. We offer the 4500 MkIII, 4650-PM, WDG 1200, FGA and Lancom 4, depending on process needs.

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