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SPOT AL - Aluminium Production and Processing Application Pyrometer

SPOT AL - Aluminium Production and Processing Application Pyrometer
The SPOT AL is an advanced non-contact infrared pyrometer providing a single sensor solutions for aluminium production and processing industries.
  • Overview +

    A highly accurate and stable digital pyrometer, SPOT AL uses AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge SPOT technology and unique, advanced data-processing algorithms to measure aluminium temperature in extrusion (E), quench (Q), strip (S), forming/forging (F), forming/forging of higher magnesium alloys (F Mg) and liquid (L) applications.

    Two versions of the SPOT AL are available, the SPOT AL version offers a measurement range of 200 °C (392 °F) to 800 °C (1472 °F) and offers six measurement modes (E, Q, S, F, F Mg and L). The SPOT AL LT (Low Temp) - 150-700 °C / 302-1292 °F for modes E, Q and S, and 130-700 °C / 266-1292 °F for F and F Mg.

    The dedicated pre-set algorithms provide the most accurate digital temperature readings of low and variable emissivity aluminium. This ensures optimised press speed and high-quality products with minimal scrap.

    The SPOT AL integrates easily with control systems to enable optimisation of the press or mill with data also made immediately available via the rear display on the instrument or via a web server. A video camera within the pyrometer, the focus distance and other features can be accessed and configured locally or remotely.

    Combining Ethernet, Modbus TCP, video, analogue, and alarm outputs in a single device, the SPOT AL is designed specifically to measure the temperature of aluminium in a range of processing applications.
    The dedicated algorithms were developed from extensive trials in real plant environments. Fully focusable high-quality optics and a high speed 15ms response combine to provide measurements on detailed extruded profiles.

    SPOTPro SoftwareSPOTViewer software gives small installations the added benefits of remote monitoring and algorithm tuning; for larger installations we recommend using SPOTPro for configuration, display and data logging of up to 40 pyrometers and actuators plus the ability to customise algorithms for a newly added aluminium grade.

    Providing the user with a complete overview of all the SPOT pyrometers and actuators connected to the network, SPOTPro allows you to independently configure data logging for each pyrometer using automatic triggers for data storage. SPOTPro also allows users to compare live and recorded data to historical trends to diagnose process issues.


    E Extrusion  Low
     200 -800 °C / 392-1472 °F  

    150-700 °C / 302-1292 °F
    Q Quench   Low to Medium 
    200 -800 °C / 392-1472 °F 

    150-700 °C / 302-1292 °F 
    S Strip Low to Medium
    200 -800 °C / 392-1472 °F 

    150-700 °C / 302-1292 °F 
    F Forming / Forging Medium
    200 -800 °C / 392-1472 °F

    130-700 °C / 266-1292 °F
    F Mg  High Magnesium Alloy  Medium
    200 -800 °C / 392-1472 °F

    130-700 °C / 266-1292 °F
     L Liquid Low 
    200 -800 °C / 392-1472 °F

    The SPOT AL is AMETEK Land’s specialist solution for non-contact temperature measurements in aluminium production and processing industries

    Temperature Measurements in Aluminium Production and Processing Industries - Application Note (EN)

    AMETEK Land offers multiple solutions for the complex temperature measurement of aluminium. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate performance under plant operating conditions. Read More > 

  • Specifications +

       SPOT AL SPOT AL LT (Low Temp)
    Measurement Range: 200 - 800 °C / 392-1472 °F - E, Q, S, F, F Mg, L 130 -700 °C / 266 -1292 °F - F, F Mg
    150-700 °C / 302-1292 °F - E, Q, S
    Measurement Accuracy: ± 5 °C at 200 °C, ± 2 °C or 0.25% K at 300 °C and above (extrusion and quench)
    ± 5 °C or ±0.5 %K (lubricated strip, forming/forging and liquid metal)
     ± 5 °C at 150 °C, ± 2 °C or 0.25% K at 300 °C and above (extrusion and quench)
    ± 5 °C or ±0.5 %K (lubricated strip, forming/forging)
    Repeatability: ±3 °C at 200 °C, ±1 °C at 300 °C and above (extrusion and quench),
    ± 5 °C (lubricated strip, forming/forging and liquid metal)
     ±3 °C at 150 °C, ±1 °C at 300 °C and above (extrusion and quench), ± 5 °C (lubricated strip, forming/forging)
    Resolution: 0.1 °C 
    Noise:  5 °C at 200 °C, <0.5 °C at 300 °C and above  5 °C at 150 °C, <0.5 °C at 300 °C and above
    Detector Type: Application specific selected range of narrow wavelength bands designed to optimise temperature accuracy measurement of Aluminium
    Sealing: IP65
    Response Time: Adjustable 15 ms to 10 s
    Interfaces: 2x 0/4 - 20 mA Output, 4 - 20 mA Input, Digital CMD In and CMD Out, Ethernet
    (TCP-IP, Modbus TCP, DHCP, http, udp, ICMP)
    Processing Functions: Peak/Valley Picking, Averager, Modemaster, CMD In sampling or LED control, CMD Out alarms, emissivity output or actuator control
    Power Requirement: Power over Ethernet or 24 to 30 V DC at the instrument
    Display: Local display with image streaming
    Live configuration and temperature display on any web browser. Freely downloadable SPOTViewer software with datalogging, live and historical data trending plus remote image capture; SPOTPro software available for use with multiple SPOT pyrometers
    Languages: Integrated multiple language selections: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Chinese (simplified Mandarin), Korean, Russian, Polish
    Field of View: 60:1 to 90% 30 :1
    Mounting: Full range of mountings and accessories available
    Ambient Temp Range: 5 - 60 °C / 41 - 140 °F specified, 0-70 °C / 32 - 158 °F
    operating before cooling required
    0 - 45 °C / 32 - 113 °F
    operating before cooling required
    Focus Range: 300 mm / 11.8 to infinity, locally or remotely adjusted  Nominal target spot diameter 10mm at 300mm focus; 17mm at 500mm focus; 33mm at 1m focus. Twice nominal target area is recommended.
    Integrated video with local display and remote image capture.
    Patented pulsed Green LED focus pattern confirmation
    4 - 20 mA Input, 24 V DC CMD In, Ethernet, (TCP-IP, Modbus TCP, DHCP, http, udp, ICMP)
    Outputs: 2x 0/4 - 20 mA, CMD Out relay, Ethernet (TCP-IP, Modbus TCP, DHCP, http, udp, ICMP)
    Configure locally using the thermometer interface or remotely (using the Webserver, SPOTViewer, or SPOTPro). Emissivity, mode, current output range, alarm logic output and thresholds, network settings, focus and LED, language and user name
    Warranty: 36 Months
    *Measurements within specification over 5-95% of range.

    For further technical specification information please refer to the specific product brochure within the Documentation section below.

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