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Successful steel production requires accurate measurements across a wide range of temperatures, under a variety of different conditions. AMETEK Land is an experienced supplier of non-contact temperature measurement solutions to the steel industry.

We deliver dedicated solutions for key applications, and flexible instrumentation that can be customised for specific processes. Our products support higher quality, lower costs, and greater safety across the industry.

AMETEK Land provides comprehensive temperature measurement solutions supported by more than 70 years’ experience serving the steel industry. Designed to operate in the harsh environments found in steel production, these instruments are designed to the highest performance standards, optimised for making temperature measurements at every important stage of the process.

The Metals MagazineThe magazine showcases the extensive range of non-contact temperature measurement solutions that AMETEK Land provide across the metals industry. These highly accurate solutions address the challenges faced by key applications, supporting higher quality, lower costs and greater safety. All the products are designed to operate reliably in the harsh environments encountered in metal production, delivering the highest performance standards. Read More >

AMETEK Land offers three different types of single-spot pyrometer – Mono, Ratio, and Application – and a choice of several different wavelengths. The best choice for a particular application will depend on the product surface to be measured, and the process environment. Expert knowledge of the benefits of each type of pyrometer will ensure that the ideal solution can be applied to a temperature measurement process. Read More > Watch the Video >

  • Iron to Steel
    Iron to Steel

    Temperature monitoring is essential in determining the properties of the steel produced from iron ore. We provide the reliable instruments to support process efficiency and quality.

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  • Hot Rolling Mill
    Hot Rolling Mill

    This mill process involves rolling and reducing steel at a high temperature to achieve the required thickness. Our product range provides essential temperature measurements at key process points, in hostile conditions.

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  • Cold Rolling
    Cold Rolling

    Temperature sensitive cold rolling operations can be accurately measured with AMETEK Land’s spot measurement thermometers.

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  • CAL - Continuous Annealing Line
    CAL - Continuous Annealing Line

    Heat treatment alters the grain structure of the steel, improving qualities such as hardness and strength. We provide accurate spot temperature measurements and continuous linescanning required for this process.

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  • CGL - Continuous Galvanizing Line
    CGL - Continuous Galvanizing Line

    Applying a zinc coating to the steel improves corrosion resistance and may be followed by galvannealing. AMETEK Land supplies a specifically designed measurement solution.

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  • Rod Mill
    Rod Mill

    Making temperature measurements of narrow wire rods is essential, but can be difficult in moving processes. AMETEK Land has a patented targeting solution to overcome this challenge.

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