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Non-woven fabrics are laminated by chemical, mechanical, solvent or hot glues. These often require precise temperature measurements to ensure an efficient process and high-quality product.

Heat is applied in the production of fabrics to bond fibres together, remove moisture, and to aid in the bonding of multiple layers in a laminate. This requires high-precision thermal data across moving processes.

AMETEK Land supplies industries across the world with expert, cutting-edge temperature measurement instruments. Our compact, high-performance Landscan range offers an ideal solution for moving processes in the non-wovens industry. Landscan delivers high-resolution thermal process imaging with a fast scan speed, supporting process control in non-woven fabric production.
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    • Non-Wovens - Drying

      Uneven drying patterns across the non-woven web can result in defects. AMETEK Land offers the LSP-HD 7 as our recommended solution for this application.

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    • Non-Wovens - Hot Glue Laminating
      Hot Glue Laminating

      The uniformity and quality of lamination seams can be ensured by accurate monitoring of the hot glue temperature. The LSP-HD 7 is AMETEK Land’s recommended product for this purpose.

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