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How to Set Glass Leak Alarms with the LWIR-640 Thermal Imager and Its IMAGEPro Software?

In my recent blog, I introduced the LWIR-640 thermal imaging system which monitors the exterior of a glass melt tank giving an early warning of potential glass breakouts and identifying any hot areas that may indicate refractory damage.

The IMAGEPro software can be set to define the ROI’s (region of Interests) for any point of the furnace. One example would be at the bottom where the electrodes are implemented to prevent glass leaks before catastrophic failure.

It is vital to maintain safety and process efficiency in a glass furnace application as deterioration of refractories may cause breakouts or failure. The LWIR-640 combined with the NIR-B-2K can show a view into the furnace for thermal distribution and batch coverage functions and can also monitor the outside of the furnace for hot spots.

LWIR-640 and NIR-B-2K thermal imagers can be combined within AMETEK Land’s advanced thermal imaging software, IMAGEPro.

In addition to providing a fast-response safety monitoring system, the LWIR-640 supplies the thermal data necessary to detect damage. This allows corrective maintenance to be scheduled at the least disruptive times. By increasing the reliability of safety monitoring, the LWIR-640 system can also reduce insurance premiums for an added return on investment.

Generally, two to four LWIR-640 systems are necessary to cover the bottom however you may need more in some locations if the electrodes need to be covered as well. You can connect all devices on the same IMAGEPro server, including the NIR-B-2K for internal temperature distribution and thermal profiles.

Each LWIR-640 station can comprise from one to typically five cameras, mounted in industrial protection enclosures, to give full coverage of the exterior, the bottom and outlet, depending on customer needs. The thermal images, temperature data and hot-spot alarms are clearly monitored and stored within the fast response time of the cameras (7.5 or 60 Hz), enabling engineers to identify hot-spot trends and make repair decisions.

Philippe Blog - Glass Leak Alarms

Set region of interest for Electrode Right side at glass furnace bottom with alarms with IPV2

Philippe Blog - Glass Leak Alarms

Set region of interest for central Electrode at glass furnace bottom with alarms with PV2 preventing glass leaks

Philippe Blog - Glass Leak Alarms

Multiple displays with two electrodes at furnace bottoms (central and right side) and internal view of the furnace with the NIRB 2K for internal refractories monitoring 
The LWIR-640 long-wavelength thermal imager provides a full temperature measurement range of -20 to 1000 °C (-4 to 1832 °F) in three ranges with a choice of different optics and lenses. It combines cutting-edge, high-resolution technology with sophisticated data processing and powerful software support, delivering detailed thermal images with unrivalled precision. The different advantages for end users 

Improved Safety
Philippe Blog - Glass Leak Alarms- Minimised risk of damage to the plant

Prevention of break-outs
- Improves plant safety 

Extended lifetime 
- Improves the usable lifetime

Detection of problematic areas
- Early repairs can be carried out

Early detection of glass breakouts enhances plant safety, so using thermal imaging solutions from AMETEK Land ensures fast detection of glass breakouts, allowing for early maintenance, increased safety, and longer lifespan of the tank.


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