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Fibreglass and Rockwool

Fibreglass and Rockwool
Fibreglass is made from melted glass spun at high speed to create fibres. Rockwool (also called mineral wool) is created in the same way, using melted rock. Both have excellent insulation properties.

Aside from different starting ingredients, the production process for fibreglass and rockwool is the same. Temperature measurements at key points in the process support improved efficiency and quality control.

Making accurate temperature measurements at key locations in the production process helps control the quality of the finished fibreglass or rockwool product. AMETEK Land has a range of advanced, high-precision instruments, some specifically designed for the glass industry, to produce the required results, supporting quality control, process efficiency, and safety.
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    • Batch Inlet
      Batch Inlet

      Measurement at the batch inlet provides thermal monitoring of the glass raw materials for quality control. We recommend the LWIR-640 thermal imager or RT8 thermometer for this application.

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    • Melt Tank – Inside Refractory
      Melt Tank – Inside Refractory

      Optimum process control, energy efficiency and tank condition can be controlled through refractory wall measurements. The NIR-B Glass, Cyclops 100L, Model FG and SPOT M100 are recommended.

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    • Melt Tank - Outside
      Melt Tank - Outside

      An LWIR-640 thermal imager is recommended for continuous monitoring of the melt tank exterior. This monitors the tank condition, providing warnings of possible glass break-out or refractory failure.

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    • Regenerators

      Accurate, reliable temperature measurements are essential for this important area of the tank. The solutions recommended by AMETEK Land are the Model FG, SPOT M100 and Lancom 4.

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    • Flue Gas
      Flue Gas

      Glass production produces flue gas emissions which must be monitored. We offer the Lancom 4, Model 4500 MkIII and WDG 1200/1210, depending on process needs.

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    • Distributors and Feeders
      Distributors and Feeders

      Measurements are essential to help control the flow of molten glass into uniform gobs. The Model FG and Cyclops 100L provide the thermal monitoring required for process and quality control.

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    • Forehearth
      Forehearth (Container / Fibreglass / Rockwool / Speciality / Tableware)

      Temperature control here is vital to glass condition. The fibre-optic Model FG radiation thermometer is specifically designed for this measurement, while the Cyclops 100L and Lancom 4 are also recommended.

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    • Bushing Outlet
      Bushing Outlet

      Measurement at the bushing outlet monitors fibre quality and helps protect the bushing from damage. We recommend the Cyclops 100L, SPOT M160, SOLOnet and IQ series for this application.

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    • Spinner

      Rapid spinning is used to create thin fibres of glass or rock. This is a difficult point for temperature analysis – we recommend the NIR thermal imaging camera.

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    • Drying and Hot Spot Detection
      Drying and Hot Spot Detection

      Measurements can monitor the effectiveness of the drying process and detect dangerous hot spots in the material. AMETEK Land’s recommended solution is the LSP-HD 60 linescanner.

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