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Power Generation

Thermal power generation involves the combustion of a fuel to raise steam and drive a turbine to produce electricity. AMETEK Land provides the high-performance temperature measurements, emissions monitoring and safety systems demanded by this industry.

High-accuracy measurements of temperature and flue gas composition are essential in optimising the combustion process, regardless of fuel used. Our instruments also help control pollution, and provide essential safety monitoring.

With more than 60 years’ experience supplying measurement solutions to industry, AMETEK Land offers a comprehensive range of dedicated solutions for the power generation market. Our products include non-contact thermometers, thermal imagers, emissions monitors and safety systems. We provide the reliable measurements you need to optimise your process, meet regulatory requirements and protect your plant and personnel.

AMETEK Land Biomass MagazineThe magazine focuses on the use of biomass fuels in the power generation industry. You’ll find features on safety monitoring at all stages in the biomass plant and the importance of combustion control. We also highlight the AMETEK Land solutions that deliver the key measurements for safety, efficiency and emissions control throughout biomass operations. READ THE E-MAGAZINE > 

  • Biomass

    Biomass fuels pose specific problems in storage, production and transport. We offer thermal monitoring and carbon monoxide detection solutions designed to detect spontaneous heating and combustion in biomass applications.

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  • Coal

    Coal is one of the primary sources of fuel for power generation across the world. AMETEK Land supplies solutions for process control, efficiency, safety and emissions monitoring.

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  • Cogeneration

    Generating electricity and heat for a more efficient process, cogeneration technology is more expensive than other plants. AMETEK Land products help you to optimise the efficiency of your cogen plant.

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  • Emissions Monitoring
    Emissions Monitoring

    Combustion processes generate harmful emissions of gases and particulate matter. We provide a range of opacity, PM and flue gas detectors for continuous monitoring, to ensure regulatory compliance and process efficiency.

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  • Waste

    The mixture of waste used for power generation can make process efficiency difficult, and emission levels unpredictable. We provide the accurate solutions to control your process.

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