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AMETEK Land Industry Application Specific - Understrip Thermometer
A fibre-optic temperature measurement system designed to provide continuous, accurate monitoring of the scale-free metal surface under the steel mill roller table.
  • Overview +

    AMETEK Land’s application-specific solution for temperature measurements in the hot rolling of flat steel products, the Understrip is a rugged, accurate system designed to take measurements from the underside of the steel. This avoids any effects from surface water or minor scale that may exist on the top side. In addition for lower temperature, short wavelength measurements close to the coiler the underside design avoids possible ambient lighting interference. USTS are commonly custom designed for each mill and location to accommodate the variety of roll table designs that exist.  

    Easy to install and designed to provide trouble-free operation, the system consists of a low-cost sighting tube/purge unit housing a demountable fibre-optic probe linked to an electronic amplifier unit by a sealed light guide.

    The sensor electronics are positioned remotely. Two types of USTS are available, dependent of the needs of the mill. The portable version can be slid under the line easily, and if necessary removed and slid under the line at another monitoring position. This makes for a very useful process analysis tool. A permanent mount version is also available.  You can choose temperature sensors from the SPOT, System 4 or UNO pyrometer families.

    Developed specifically for use in the steel industry, the Understrip system is ideal for steelmakers involved in the hot rolling of flat steel products, where accurate temperature measurements determine the final metallurgical properties of the metal.

    Being application-specific, the system is built for steel mill conditions. The readily demountable probe fits various positions under the mill roller, while the electronics are remotely located to avoid damage and reduce maintenance requirements.

    The Understrip system only needs a clean air supply for purging the thermometer sight path – no water cooling is required. Rugged and dependable - systems operate continuously for years with little or no maintenance.

    Understrip is AMETEK Land’s dedicated temperature measurement solution for steel mill rolling.
  • Specifications +

    System Specification
    Temperature Range &
    Thermometer Type:
    M1 600/1600CL 600 to 1600°C
    M1 800/2600CL 800 to 2600°C
    M2 300/1100CL 300 to 1100°C
    R1 600/1600CL 600 to 1600°C
    R1 1000/2600CL1000 to 2600°C
      Laser targeting thermometers also available.
    Optics: A10 - 100mm focus
    A25 - 250mm focus
    A50 - 500mm focus
    Environmental Specification
    Operating Temperature Range:
    (Amplifier units)
    M1 600/1600CL 0 to 70°C
    M1 800/2600CL 0 to 70°C
    M2 300/1100CL 0 to 50°C
    R1 600/1600CL 0 to 50°C
    R1 1000/2600CL 0 to 50°C
    Light Guide Assembly: 0 to 120°C
    Optic Head: 0 to 200°C
    Installation: Sighting tube clamped to suitable mounting. No-tools detachable probe locates in sighting tube. Amplifier unit housed in 280x250/110mm enclosure, is located remotely from hostile environment. The Landmark® Graphic/Classic signal processor can be located in the control room.
    For further technical specification and installation information please refer to the specific product brochure within the Documentation section below.


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