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Speciality Metals

Encompassing a number of alloys and less common metals, the speciality metals industry relies on accurate and stable temperature measurements at key points in their processing.

Temperature monitoring within these industries benefits the furnace operations involved in the commercial production processes used in the refining of speciality metals, such as copper and platinum. 

With many years of experience in providing non-contact temperature measurement solutions to metal processing industries, AMETEK Land’s thermal imaging and non-contact pyrometer solutions are ideal for critical applications in speciality metal production.

The Metals MagazineThe magazine showcases the extensive range of non-contact temperature measurement solutions that AMETEK Land provide across the metals industry. These highly accurate solutions address the challenges faced by key applications, supporting higher quality, lower costs and greater safety. All the products are designed to operate reliably in the harsh environments encountered in metal production, delivering the highest performance standards. READ THE E-MAGAZINE >

  • Copper

    One of the most commonly used metals around the world, high-purity copper is required for many applications. Our solution is the NIR thermal imager for accurate refinery process control.

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  • Platinum

    Platinum is produced as a by-product of nickel and copper refining. Our NIR thermal imager provides the necessary precision measurements to support process control and product purity.

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