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Industrial Processing

Temperature measurements play critical roles in a number of diverse industrial processes. AMETEK Land provides expert solutions to support product quality, process efficiency, safety and emissions control.

Our industry-leading non-contact measurement instruments deliver essential temperature data for industry sectors including metals, non-wovens, paper and plastics. We also supply effective emissions monitors and conveyor belt scanners.

AMETEK Land has more than 70 years’ experience in providing comprehensive temperature measurement solutions. We deliver the flexible instruments and application-specific devices required for processes in many industries.

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Product Special Application

  • Ceramics

    The manufacture of ceramics depends upon precise heat control at the firing stage. AMETEK Land provides accurate, non-contact measurements to support quality control in ceramics production.

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  • Chemical Processing
    Chemical Processing

    Chemical processing operations produce harmful emissions. Our range of opacity, particulate and flue gas detectors provides continuous monitoring, ensuring compliance with regulations and increased process efficiency.

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  • Forging

    To ensure the quality of the forged metal product, a non-contact measurement solution is essential. We provide fixed-spot portable solutions designed to operate in forge conditions.

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  • Heat Treatment
    Heat Treatment

    Heat treatments play an important part in ensuring metals have the correct properties for industrial applications. We supply fixed and handheld measurement solutions designed to cope in hostile conditions.

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  • Medical Devices
    Medical Devices

    Medical devices must be manufactured to strict criteria and be consistent in quality. We provide accurate non-contact measurements for this important application.

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  • Non-wovens

    The methods of bonding non-woven fabrics often rely on controlled temperatures. Our high-resolution linescanners provide essential quality control data for this application.

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  • Paper

    Paper manufacture demands temperature and emissions control in several key processes. We provide the essential thermal scanning and pollution monitoring required for efficient, safe and high-quality production.

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  • Plastic

    Thermoformed plastics have very narrow forming temperature ranges. Precise non-contact temperature measurement provides assurance that the products will be formed precisely. AMETEK Land’s industry-leading linescanners support quality control in this field.

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  • Semiconductor Processing
    Semiconductor Processing

    Accurate temperature monitoring supports quality control in silicon wafer production. We provide a handheld non-contact measurement solution ideal for this application.

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  • Solar

    AMETEK Land provides the high-quality, non-contact temperature measurement required to deliver high-purity polysilicon. This ensures the necessary quality for solar cells.

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  • Specialist Coatings
    Specialist Coating

    Precise thermal control ensures coatings bond effectively and permanently to treated surfaces. Our non-contact infrared thermometers and thermal imaging solutions deliver the accuracy and reliability required.

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  • Wood

    Monitoring wood products for moisture content is key to quality control. Our dedicated temperature monitor for conveyor operations provides the perfect solution for this application.

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