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Cold Rolling

Cold Rolling
Temperature sensitive cold rolling operations are accurately measured with AMETEK Land’s non-contact spot pyrometers. Selected waveband designs provide the highest accuracy readings with immunity from emissivity changes.

AMETEK Land has supplied the steel industry with high-quality, reliable non-contact temperature measurement solutions for more than 70 years. Our range of specialist instruments is designed to provide the essential measurements for steel makers.

Cold Rolling Mill Strip Temperature Measurements Application NoteCOLD ROLLING MILL STRIP TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENTS
Non-contact temperature measurement directly on the cold rolled metal surface can be challenging. There may be relatively low temperatures and variable emissivity involved, and the background environment may create reflections which disturb the measurement conditions. Read More >

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    • Cold Rolling - Cold Reducing Mill
      Cold Reducing Mill

      Monitoring the temperature ensures consistent product quality throughout the cold rolling process. AMETEK Land recommends the non-contact SPOT M210 thermometer for this application.

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    • Cold Rolling - Sendzimir Mill (Z Mill)
      Sendzimir Mill (Z Mill)

      Product quality and low scrap rates are supported during this high-pressure rolling process by accurate non-contact temperature measurements. We provide the infrared SPOT M210 thermometer, suitable for a wide temperature range, for this application.

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