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Can the LWIR-640 be Used to Monitor the Refractory Condition of a Ladle?

The use of refractory-lined vessels (ladles) to transport molten iron and steel is commonplace in steel plants worldwide.

LWIR-640 Special Application: Ladle Monitoring

Over time, the refractory condition degrades until it must be re-lined. Traditionally, the timing of this re-lining has been based on previous experience and best-practice information from the plant’s Refractory Manager. However, this mechanism can be unreliable, and breakouts have occurred, causing severe damage to plant, injuries to personnel, and lost revenue due to production delays.

The maintenance of these refractory linings contributes significantly to steel production costs. By monitoring the external temperature pattern of ladles, the extent and distribution of wear can be assessed, and the information used to determine the re-lining strategy, thus avoiding excessive lining damage and breakouts.

The LWIR-640 is designed to monitor the external shell temperature of passing ladles as they move through the inspection field of view, transferring steel to the next production stage.

Some benefits of using the LWIR-640 in ladle monitoring applications include:

  • Improved Safety
  • Prevention of breakouts
  • Evaluation of different refractories
  • Extended lifetime of ladle refractories
LWIR-640 Special Application: Ladle Monitoring

In addition to using an LWIR-640 you can use our innovative IMAGEPro advanced image processing software for controlling, monitoring, analysing and capturing data from the thermal imager

IMAGEPro is able to monitor and control up to sixteen imagers, offering real-time analysis for thermal imager ranges and gives users exceptionally detailed control over their thermal imaging measurements, while the ladle monitoring system typically consists from 2-5 imagers, depending on the size of the ladle and if the ladle button is monitored.

So, to answer the question, yes, the LWIR-640 can be used to monitor the refractory condition of a ladle, and to maximise its efficiency it is best to use our IMAGEPro software alongside the system.

Click here to download the Ladle Monitoring in Steel Plants Special Application Sheet



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