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Increase Energy Efficiency

Increase Energy Efficiency
Increase Energy Efficiency

Decarbonisation trends will change how industrial operators work – forcing end-users, technology licensors, and instrument manufacturers to continuously seek incremental and radical improvements to process efficiency. 

For many heavy industrial processes, increasing energy efficiency can be a serious challenge. The key aims are to minimise energy use, maximise combustion efficiency, achieve optimum quality, reduce emissions, and capture waste heat sources to be reused.

Many tasks require only slight behavioural changes – for example, switching equipment off rather than leaving it on standby can significantly reduce energy usage over time.

However, the extremely aggressive nature of many industrial processes due to the process media, the surrounding environment, or both – can make other energy-reducing measures, such as optimising combustion, or thermal processing, challenging to achieve.

These measures require precise measurement particularly in combustion optimisation, where changing fuel sources or quality can impact the reaction and useable energy.  

In addition, ever-increasing demand for high-specification products means that achieving quality goals becomes a never-ending race. Products that fail to meet the necessary criteria may be rejected, scrapped, or require rework, all of which can double emissions.

AMETEK Land’s high-definition thermal imaging technology, working alongside portable and fixed emissions monitoring equipment, helps optimise combustion, delivering benefits including reduced fuel consumption and compliance with regulated emissions such as NOx.

With combustion under control, blueprinting of process parameters for maximum product throughput and quality can be performed.

A “right first time” approach is essential for quality, and to minimise environmental impact. With instrumentation capable of measuring in extremely harsh environments, AMETEK Land provides a complete measurement solution, ranging from a single measurement point to high-definition radiometric thermal imaging with approximately 3 million pixels.

These solutions can provide vital insight into critical process parameters, optimising thermal processing, ensuring maximum efficiency, and increasing sustainability in industries as diverse as steel, aluminium, glass, cement, power, and HPI.


Metals Reheat Furnaces

Metals EAF/BOF Tapping

Metals Hot Rolling Mill and CAL/CGL Annealing Furnaces

Glass Furnaces - Regenerative (Container / Float) and Recuperative (Oxy)

Ethylene Crackers / Steam Methane Reformers

Fired Heaters

Thermal Power Boilers 

Cement and Mineral Pyro Processing 

Whether you want to improve existing processes or explore the potential for change, please speak to our experts to benefit from best practice and knowledge sharing between energy-intensive industries to meet decarbonisation challenges. 

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