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As acknowledged leaders in the field of temperature measurement, AMETEK Land supplies the global mineral processing industry with specialist measuring equipment designed to meet the needs of the market.

Our accurate, non-contact solutions deliver key temperature measurements that support control of the process and product quality. They also monitor emissions, and provide essential safety monitoring.

Sixty years of experience serving the mineral processing industry worldwide has given AMETEK Land a wealth of expertise in this sector. This knowledge is reflected in the dedicated product solutions we offer, which deliver high performance while operating reliably in the hot, dusty conditions found in mineral plants.
  • Brick

    Monitoring the temperature when firing bricks in a kiln is key to product quality and fuel savings. AMETEK Land’s fibre-optic, non-contact thermometers are ideal for this application.

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  • Cement

    The production of cement is a closely-controlled chemical process. We provide accurate, non-contact solutions for temperature monitoring, emissions control, and to ensure safety in storage and conveyor areas.

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  • Lime

    Lime production depends on heating limestone in a kiln, and is prone to generate emissions. AMETEK Land provides a range of emissions monitors for compliance and process efficiency.

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  • Asphalt / Roadstone / Tarmac
    Asphalt / Roadstone / Tarmac

    Temperature measurements help the roadstone industry meet demands for quality control and environmental regulations. Our expertise has enabled us to develop specialist solutions dedicated to providing the measurements this industry requires.

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