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The Hidden Cost of Temperature Screening Using Handheld Thermometers – What You Need to Know

Handheld thermometers are becoming an ever more common sight in places where we work, rest, stay and play to protect people from potential coronavirus carriers by screening for elevated temperatures that could indicate fever.  But what is the real cost of ownership?
Hidden Costs
Beyond a very low purchase price, often sub $50 (£40), the true cost of ownership of handheld human body temperature measurement thermometers can be much higher.

Each handheld thermometer requires a person to operate and take each person’s temperature, and the employee wage cost for instance could easily exceed $16,000 per year (£18,000 per year) for a facility operating 40 hours a week or $63,000 (£76,000 per year) for a facility operating 24/7. These estimates are low as they do not include vacation (holiday) cover or cover for rest breaks.

But the real hidden cost of using handheld thermometers is the increased risk that arises from contravening social distancing guidance, as taking a person’s temperature means getting closer than 6 feet. No risk mitigation measure should violate another, that does not make any sense.

If you would like to learn more about an automated technology that can dramatically cut the cost of temperature screening without compromising safety, then please take a look at VIRALERT 3.

Learn the key differences between thermal imaging and handheld non-contact thermometers for human body temperature screening, the additional liabilities of using hand-held non-contact thermometers including poor accuracy and violating social distancing and the benefits of using a non-contact thermal imaging system, such as VIRALERT 3, in the following video:



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