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2019: A Year of Innovation

2019: A Year of Innovation
David Primhak - Director of Development and Product Management - AMETEK LandThis year, I joined AMETEK Land as Director of Development and Product Management. Having worked at AMETEK Land before I have a solid understanding of the products and markets in which we operate and it is really exciting to be able to put that to use in such a thriving and innovative organisation.

2019 has been an exciting year for us with numerous new products coming to market.

Our new software platforms, IMAGEPro and SPOTPro, offer users improved and advanced analysis functionality allowing them to realise even greater value from our temperature measurement hardware and provide a robust foundation for our in-house software team to develop new and application-specific solutions in the future.

We have also launched several new models into existing product lines in 2019.

The new high definition, nearly 3 million pixels resolution, NIR-B-2K and wide measurement range NIR-B-640 thermal imagers have been added to the hugely successful NIR-Borescope range. This means we are now able to help more and more of our customers get meaningful information back from their furnaces, improving quality, reducing energy use and extending asset life.

The SPOT GS arrived as part of the System 5 - SPOT pyrometer family, designed specifically for galvanising and galvannealing lines in the steel industry. With a new dedicated algorithm developed to provide consistent accuracy even when surface condition changes, the SPOT GS is a great example of how we work with our customers to develop solutions to real problems.

In addition, this year has seen a lot of continuous improvement, most notably we have revitalised the Slag Detection System, used for monitoring and controlling slag carryover in molten metal applications, by increasing the resolution of the thermal imager and developing improved accessories and mountings.

We have extended our combustion product line with the new TUV Certified 4750-PM particulate matter monitoring system, suitable for a range of compliance and process monitoring applications in power generation, glass and a host of other industries.

2019 has been an excellent year for us, we have had so much to talk about and as we deliver on our development plan for 2020 we are looking forward to having, even more, to tell you about next year.


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