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AMETEK Land Fixed Spot Non-contact Thermometers / Pyrometers - IQ
A series of compact, rugged, industrial thermometers designed to meet the needs of high temperature process control applications (for sale in the Americas, China and India only). 
  • Overview +

    AMETEK Land’s high-precision IQ series of rugged, accurate infrared thermometers is designed for use in an extensive range of industrial process temperatures.

    Easy to install, flexible to use, IQ makes it simple to customise the perfect measurement to your application: a range of ‘plug and play’ options are available for temperature, wavelength, feature and focus distances. 

    With a highly accurate measurement provided by AMETEK Land’s high-precision infrared technologies, IQ versions –E and –P can be easily configured via PC running the easy to use IQ configurator software, with optional advanced signal processing available for demanding applications.

    Flexible to use, easy to operate, the IQ is suitable for a wide range of high-temperature applications in industries including glass, industrial processing and steel.

    IQ thermometers can be configured in any combination of four wavelengths, four feature levels and four focus distances, so you can be sure the device is ideally suited to your application requirements.

    With a rugged, all-metal construction and scratch resistant sapphire protection window, the IQ is designed to survive in harsh environments, while its integrated air purge and water cooling system ensures it is protected in all conditions. 

    The IQ series is plug and play, with zero configuration required. Simple screw terminal connections make installation straightforward, in many cases using existing wiring. Its compact size makes the thermometer easy to install in tight locations.

    AMETEK Land’s compact IQ series is the flexible choice for high-temperature industrial measurements.
  • Specifications +

    Model Range IQ1 IQ2  IQ5 IQR
       Temperature Range 1022 to 3182°F / 550 to 1750°C 482 to 2372°F / 250 to 1300°C  392 to 2012°F / 200 to 1100°C  1292 to 3182°F / 700 to 1750°C 
       Spectral Response 1µm 1.6µm  5µm  1µm Ratio 
       Field of View (90%) 110:1 110:1  60:1 110:1 
       Response Time 10ms  10ms  50ms  10ms 
       Accuracy 0.3%+1°C 2°C  0.35%+1°C  0.6%+1.5°C 
       Sighting Laser defining Optical Axis (Option)
       Ambient Limit 32 to 158°F (Operating)
       EMC EN 61326
       Sealing IP65 / NEMA 4X
       Power Supply 18 to 30Vdc
  • Software +

    • AMETEK Land Software - SOLOnet & IQ Configurator
      SOLOnet & IQ Configurator

      A free Windows PC software utility providing configuration and data visualisation for the SOLONet and IQ ranges of digital infrared thermometers.

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  • Documentation +

  • Related Applications +

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      Bushing Outlet

      Measurement at the bushing outlet monitors fibre quality and helps protect the bushing from damage. We recommend the Cyclops 100L, SPOT M160, SOLOnet and IQ series for this application.

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      Oven Heating & Soak Zones

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      Oven Outlet

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