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Fibre-Optic Communication

Fibre-Optic Communication
Optical fibres are used to transmit data using pulses of light. High-quality fibre is required for reliable telecommunications, and this quality is dependent upon precise temperature measurements at key stages.

Preform glass cylinders are created with internal structures determined by vapour deposition processes. These preforms are then drawn out, using gravity at high temperature, to produce fibres of required thickness.

AMETEK Land has provided the glass industry with temperature measurement equipment for more than 60 years. We offer dedicated solutions for the key temperature measurements involved in optical fibre production, each designed to overcome the specific challenges faced in these applications.
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    • Drawing Tower
      Drawing Tower

      The temperature of the drawing tower furnace is an essential measurement for product quality and process control. The DTT Drawing Tower Thermometer is specifically designed for this application.

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    • Vapour Deposition - Preform
      Vapour Deposition - Preform

      Preform temperature in the burner zone is critical in controlling optical fibre strength and transmission quality. We recommend the dedicated VDT Vapour Deposition Thermometer for this application.

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