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IMAGEPro Glass

IMAGEPro Glass
The innovative IMAGEpro-glass software is an advanced image processing software for controlling, monitoring, analysing and capturing imager data.
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    Available as an optional purchasable addition to IMAGEPro, IMAGEpro-glass is a Windows PC software system that enables the configuration of the imager, display properties and advanced temperature analysis options and supports multiple simultaneous imagers. A free 30-day trial is available for extensive testing.

    Able to monitor and control up to sixteen imagers, IMAGEpro-glass offers real-time analysis for thermal imager ranges. Giving users exceptionally detailed control over their thermal imaging measurements, IMAGEpro-glass enhances application measurements.

    Key Benefits of IMAGEPro Glass

    Extensive control and analytical functions for exceptional process control, including multiple free defined ROIs (regions of interest).

    Enables exchange of information using a simple cross-platform Modbus TCP protocol, analogue signals or alarm output via I/O modules.

    Powerful image processing allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of the thermal information provided by up to 16 imagers.

    Allows complex configuration and arrangement of windows by the user across multiple monitors, which is stored and opens automatically on restart.

    Can be docked, re-sized and made floatable to suit specific needs.

    Can be displayed and hidden as needed to maximise screen space.

    Ensures only those with password access can change system configuration.

    Monitoring and analyse furnace flames, distribution and presence

    AMETEK Land’s thermal imaging cameras and advanced IMAGEPro Glass software enable 24/7 monitoring of critical vessels and furnaces to reliably identify changes and trends and initiate appropriate early warnings and alarms.

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    •  IMAGEPro Software V2.1.6 FREE TRIAL
      IMAGEPro Software V2.1.6 FREE TRIAL

      Release Date: 12/12/2022 Critical Update - When applying emissivity to an individual Region Of Interest (ROI), other ROIs may also have this emissivity applied if set to follow frame emissivity (indicated by ‘-‘ in the emissivity column of the ROI table). This issue affects all versions between 2.1.0 and 2.1.5.

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