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Slurry to Syngas

Slurry to Syngas
Light hydrocarbons in the slurry phase can be converted to syngas by gasification, reacting the feedstock with oxygen to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Accurate thermal data assists process control.

Gasifier temperature monitoring is a key measurement in the management of this process. It provides the information needed for efficient conversion of slurry components to syngas, and reduces wasted energy.

AMETEK Land has decades of expertise and experience in providing industry with non-contact infrared measurement solutions. Our versatile thermal imaging range delivers high performance and reliability for hydrocarbon processing applications, even in difficult operating conditions.
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    • Slurry to Syngas - Gasifier

      A high-precision device robust enough to operate in high ambient temperatures can provide the non-contact measurements required to monitor temperatures in the gasifier. AMETEK Land recommends the LWIR-640 thermal imager.

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