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Solar power use continues to grow, demanding an increasingly high standard of components. Accurate temperature measurements are required to deliver the quality required.

Effective cell production for use in Solar cell technology, requires accurate non-contact temperature control throughout production to make the process high yielding, energy efficient and keep cell quality standard high.

Acknowledged experts in temperature measurement, AMETEK Land has provided high-quality thermal monitoring solutions to industries around the world for more than 60 years. Our non-contact infrared thermometers deliver high performance, with fibre-optic technology for flexibility in hostile conditions.

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Solutions for the Solar And Silicon Industries – Application NoteNON-CONTACT TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS FOR THE SOLAR AND SILICON INDUSTRIES 
The manufacture of silicon products for the photovoltaic and electronics industries requires accurate, reliable temperature measurements to ensure consistent quality and process efficiency. This is increasingly important as demand for these products grows. Read More > Watch the Video >
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    • Solar - Polysilicon Reactors
      Polysilicon Reactors

      Reactor temperature control is critical to delivering high-purity polysilicon for use in solar cells. AMETEK Land’s recommended solution for this application is the SPOT R100 fibre-optic thermometer.

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    • Application Czochralski Process
      Czochralski Process

      Using digital image processing, the liquid/solid boundary can be accurately monitored without careful aiming and avoiding spurious measurements from misaligned or de-focused pyrometers.

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    • Application Photovoltaic Module Assembly
      Photovoltaic Module Assembly

      The AMETEK Land LSP-HD Linescanner system provides market leading resolution and speed resulting in the most detailed and informative thermal images, so you can detect even the smallest defects.

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    • Application Polysilicon Ingot Casting
      Polysilicon Ingot Casting

      Non-contact infrared temperature management provides the easiest and most convenient technology platform for control of the polysilicon casting solidification process.

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