Emissions Monitoring

Emissions Monitoring
The combustion process in power generation inevitably generates emissions of toxic gases and particulate matter. Accurate monitoring allows you to demonstrate that your process remains within the allowed emissions limits, minimizing the risks to human health and to the wider environment.

Measurements of opacity or particulate matter (PM) are required in power plants worldwide. Gaseous pollutants such as carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen also need to be monitored to demonstrate compliance with local environmental regulations.

AMETEK Land supplies a range of instruments designed for combustion monitoring and control, including advanced dust and opacity monitors which set the industry standard on compliance measurements. We have unrivalled experience in providing continuous emissions monitoring systems to meet exact customer requirements globally.
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      Stack Emissions

      Emissions control is important for pollution control and combustion efficiency. AMETEK Land recommends the 4500 MkIII, 4200+, 4200, 4650-PM and FGA, depending on process needs.

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