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Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass
Architectural glass is used as a building material, typically for windows, furniture or internal partitions. It often needs to be tempered or laminated to ensure safety, or bent to fit application requirements.

Glass for architectural use must often meet safety criteria to comply with regulations. Precise temperature monitoring can confirm successful and efficient tempering, and is critical if safe shaping is required.

AMETEK Land has supplied the glass industry with high-precision temperature measurement instruments for many years, developing application-specific solutions for many processes. Our measurement systems compensate for glass emissivity, providing highly accurate results.

Producing tempered glass free of visual distortions requires a uniform temperature to be achieved across the whole surface of each glass lite. This requires accurate temperature monitoring across the entire width of the glass. Read More > Watch the Video >

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    • Oven Heating & Soak Zones
      Oven Heating & Soak Zones

      Temperature measurements ensure heating to the correct level for toughening or bending processes. Our recommended solutions are the LSP-HD 50FL linescanner, FLT5 thermometer, SOLOnet SN51, and IQ thermometer.

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    • Oven Outlet
      Oven Outlet

      To ensure the glass is sufficiently heated as it leaves the oven, temperature measurements are essential. We recommend the LSP-HD 50FL linescanner, FLT5 thermometer, SOLOnet SN51, and IQ thermometer for this application.

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