CGL - Continuous Galvanising Line

CGL - Continuous Galvanising Line
The purpose of the continuous galvanising line (CGL) is to apply a coating of zinc or zinc/aluminium onto the surface of steel strip to improve corrosion resistance. 

Galvannealing is optionally performed to alloy the coating into the steel substrate. This requires accurate temperature monitoring at the exit of the galvanneal section. 

AMETEK Land has supplied the steel industry with high-quality, reliable temperature measurement solutions for more than 70 years. Our range of specialist instruments includes the Galvanneal Strip Thermometer (GST), specifically designed for rapidly changing emissivity in the galvanneal process.
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    • CGL - Galvanneal Exit
      Galvanneal Exit

      Once the strip leaves the zinc bath, it is subjected to in-line heat treatment t to alloy the coating into the steel substrate. AMETEK Land’s Galvanneal Strip Thermometer (GST) is designed for measurement of this process.

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    • CGL - Top Roll
      Top Roll

      The LSP-HD 61 monitors temperature across the entire width of the strip at this location.

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